Simply put, hashtags are words or phrases with a # symbol at the beginning and no spaces used throughout. The purpose of hashtags is to relate your posts to a certain topic, allowing you to tie your posts together and other users to easily search for your topic.

For example, you can hashtag topics like #socialmedia or #marketing to promote your business’s products or services. If you click on one of these hashtags it will direct you to a stream of other social media posts and pictures relating to the same topic. Tip: You can also use hashtags to identify your business, such as #MillenniumIM.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using hashtags:

  • Use hashtags wisely, research shows that one or two hashtags generate higher engagement than posts with three or more.
  • Don’t use long hashtags, such as #MillenniumIntegratedMarketing. Keep hashtags short and to the point by using abbreviations or acronyms like #MillenniumIM or #MIL.

Search your hashtags before you use them to ensure that they are not being used to discuss anything negative or controversial.

Use hashtags to benefit your business by getting involved in conversations regarding your industry, products, or services, as well as to increase your visibility in the marketplace, promote events, and get social with your customer base.

How many of you use hashtags for your business?

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