Instagram breakdown:

  • Total users: 130 million plus
  • Video duration: 15 seconds
  • Developed by Facebook, this app features user-friendly video editing; the ability to share to multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more; and a variety of filters that make sorting and searching videos easier. Plus, let’s not forget where Instagram started, with photo sharing and editing.
  • Instagram videos are best used to develop creative campaigns to promote products and services, get a video series started, feature product tutorials, and post engaging, commercial-like videos.

Vine breakdown:

  • Total users: 13 million plus
  • Video duration: 6 seconds
  • Developed by Twitter, this app features videos that can loop; no sharing restrictions and includes an embed code; and being that it is an extension of Twitter, Vine makes it easy to use hashtags, “revine” videos to other users, and manage analytics.
  • The best uses of Vine videos are to promote new products through quick teaser videos, respond to fans, blast company updates, promote events, and provide tips, tricks, and how-to’s on products and services.

Tell us what you think. Do you prefer Instagram or Vine?