To receive these price alerts, all users must do is pin the products they’re interested in to one of their pinboards. Pinterest monitors these pins for changes in price and if the price drops, users will be alerted through an email notification.

To control the frequency of these updates, all users must do is alter their notification settings. Pinterest has also said that they will work on incorporating these price alerts into as few emails as possible so as not to overwhelm users.

Additionally, users will be able to view price drops on their pinned products via their personal accounts. Pinned items will list their current price, as well as note that it is a decrease from a previously higher price. The new price alert feature will be another driving force in allowing Pinterest users to turn their pinned dream products into a reality, while allowing them to seek out the best price possible.

Pinners can expect to find the price alert feature available shortly as it is in the process of rolling out to all users.

What do you think about the new price alert feature?

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