In the office, we are always snacking on something and around this time of year, there is usually a bag of candy in the break room (Ok, let’s be honest – there’s always a bag of candy around here!). Some of the team favorites include Kit Kats, Reese’s, Butterfingers, and the classic, Hershey Kisses. The easiest way to our hearts, however, is a can of Red Bull for the longest and busiest of days.

Here are some stories that came to mind during our Halloween at Millennium:

  1. Amanda – Last Halloween, Amanda dressed up as a woodland fairy. The giant wings she wore were her favorite part of the costume, regardless of accidentally taking out a few innocent bystanders with them.
  2. Chris – Our in-house aficionado of scary movies, Chris prefers some classics such as “Halloween” and “Psycho.”
  3. Howard – Howard fondly reminisced about his firefighter and superhero costumes from his childhood.
  4. Jess – Jess was a witch for most of her childhood. Some say it’s reflective of her personality as an adult, but not to her face!
  5. Kyle – For almost six years as a child, Kyle donned a ninja costume. He proudly recalled the costume’s detail, right down to the double swords.
  6. Linda – Linda’s favorite costume growing up was milk’s favorite cookie, the Oreo. She also enjoyed watching the classic “Jaws.”
  7. Mark – Mark recalled dressing up as an injured member of the Boston Red Sox during one of their disappointing seasons, his fiancé Sarah was the nurse who took care of him.
  8. Nick – Despite not usually watching horror movies, Nick enjoys a tradition of viewing the classic film “The Shining” every year on Halloween.
  9. Stella – This year Stella got all dressed up as the cutest dinosaur we’ve ever seen. Check out our Facebook page for a fun photo!
  10. Vince – Vince’s favorite memory was dressing up as Eddie Munster from “The Munsters.” The costume even included a plastic hairpiece to mimic Eddie’s slicked back hair.

What were your favorite Halloween costumes and movies growing up? We want to know!