The advancement in marketing and CRM capabilities over the last few decades has revolutionized the way marketers develop campaigns. Utilizing CRM systems like Salesforce allow you to track leads and develop specialized campaigns to reach key target markets. Here are some tips when developing marketing strategies to leverage your marketing and CRM:

First things first, link your marketing campaigns to a CRM. Marketing campaigns designed to generate leads should have a direct link to a CRM system. This allows you to manage and track the results of various marketing strategies in relation to the effectiveness of lead generation. In many cases this is most effective for online campaigns which allow you to host lead capture forms that link directly to your CRM.

Develop lead nurturing campaigns. Most marketing campaigns are unsuccessful because they’re not designed to nurture leads. CRM’s allow you to nurture leads and deliver information in an organized and efficient manner without confusing or overwhelming consumers. CRM tools like automatic emails that trigger based upon user engagement are a great way to move consumers though the lead lifecycle.

Get specific with your strategies. Once you have built up a strong database of leads, focus on developing micro marketing campaigns that target specific demographics. CRM’s allow you to run reports and track which demographics are most likely to convert into sales. Identifying these groups and developing targeted strategies will allow you to create campaigns with higher conversion rates.

Does your company use a CRM system? What are some ways you have found them to be effective when marketing to consumers?

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