First, make a public profile on LinkedIn that is easy for others to find. You can do this by adding icons that link to your page from your website, email footer, e-blasts, and more and by adding them to collateral materials. Then create a detailed summary on your profile page about your business and use keywords that will make it easier for others to find you in their searches.

Develop a Strategy

Determine a strategy for your company to target other groups and forums that will be interested in connecting with your business. For example, identify a target audience that your company’s LinkedIn profile will market to. If you offer a product or service geared towards a specific market, utilize the product and services tab as a sales tool. Let users know what sets your company apart from other companies offering the same type of business.

Showcase Employee Profiles

Another great way to build your audience on LinkedIn is to have current employees connect with the company’s page. Doing so will allow employee profiles to be accessible on the company page and will provide prospective connections with more information on your company and its capabilities.

Be Creative

Aside from the basic information, adding creative touches to your profile will help your company stand out from competitors. LinkedIn allows users to add pictures, videos, and slideshow content. Show potential customers what you can do for them, instead of just telling them. Grab their attention by showcasing a recent project.

Does your company have a LinkedIn page? If so, tell us how you gain connections.