This can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to online reputation management due to the sheer size and cluttered nature of the internet. It’s important to know what the perception of your business is online, what people are saying about you, and how you can elevate your brand. Take a look at these five places to start managing your online reputation:

  1. Google: Take the time to Google search your business and while you’re at it, search for the owners and management of your business. It’s good to see what’s being said about you and where, even who something is being said about. You’ll want to share good news, comment when appropriate, and address any negative feedback found.
  2. Social Media: Perhaps one of the most well-known places to manage your online reputation, social media can often be swept under the rug by businesses. It’s not enough to just post content, you need to engage with followers by commenting back on posts, answering their questions, and posting content that encourages conversation and the sharing of opinions.
  3. Directories: We may not always remember the importance of directories, but businesses will find that consistency can be a real challenge if you don’t manage them. You should conduct a search to see what general and industry directories your company is located on, if the information is correct, and how you may be able to enhance each directory. Also, consider what directories you aren’t and should be on.
  4. Website/Blog: Many websites and almost all blogs allow customers and other readers to comment on the content, business, and products and/or services. These are two places that you want to be carefully monitoring feedback on a consistent basis. You should address all positive and negative feedback in a timely fashion. Negative feedback should always be handled with diplomacy and tact, keep in mind that everyone can see your response.
  5. Online Publications: While you’re searching and managing your online reputation, be sure to follow up on news releases by checking the online pubs you’ve sent it too. It’s good to double-check consistency, see what was placed, and if anyone is commenting on the news stories.

How do you manage your online reputation? Tell us in the comments below.

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