Taco Bell’s expansion of their menu will consist of 15 new breakfast items that will be offered from 7 AM until 11 AM. Featured items on the menu range from “The Waffle Taco” to the “The AM Crunchwrap” as well as Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee.

Taco Bell’s biggest competitor in their new breakfast sales will be McDonald’s, whom has had breakfast on the market since the 1970’s. One of the initiatives Taco Bell is taking to stand out in the market is to offer their breakfast services for an extra half-hour longer than McDonald’s. But then it gets better.

Perhaps the most unique difference between Taco Bell and any other fast food chain’s breakfast promotion is the “Breakfast Phones” being featured in their new campaign. Taco Bell has started to mail out 1,000 Samsung T404G phones from HipCricket to their biggest fans that they identified through their contributions and support of the brand on social media.

breakfast phone

The phones will give fans the opportunity to interact with Taco Bell through contests that earn them a chance to win a variety of different prizes. The prizes are relevant to the new breakfast items being served and range from a Waffle Taco shirt, AM Crunchwrap bed sheets with matching hash brown pajamas, and the ultimate prize, free Taco Bell breakfast for an entire year.


As one of the first brands to join Snapchat last year, Taco Bell is once again making their mark in the fast food industry with their creative use of mobile marketing, social media, and guerilla-style tactics to promote their “Breakfast Phones” campaign.


Sound like an appetizing campaign? You tell us.