Millennium Agency is working closely with our clients to address how they should be handling the worst economic situation since the Great Recession. The coronavirus, called COVID-19, is rocking stock markets, encouraging social distancing, and potentially reshaping the way we work and travel. Even if we should avoid a recession, Goldman Sachs has warned that earnings for U.S. companies will be greatly impacted in 2020.

There are steps you can take to minimize the impact of COVID-19 in your business. First, start talking to your employees about the precautions you are taking in the workplace and how you plan to address customer concerns. Lack of communication undermines employee confidence, elevates stress, and can cause high turnover. Second, make customer service a priority. Inform your customers about the precautions you are taking, potential delays in delivery, cancellation of events, and any other factors that may impact your reputation. By doing so you will become a trusted partner in a time of crisis.

Now is not the time to cut back but rather invest in your internal and external marketing and communications plans to include these steps. There is strong and overwhelming evidence that proves cutting back on advertising and public relations can significantly hurt sales during and after a recession.

Millennium Agency is taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. We believe in clear and concise communication when it comes to PR and crisis communications. We’ve helped hundreds of corporations both large and small craft effective marketing and communications plans that can help build confidence, eliminate fear, and navigate turbulent times.

If you believe COVID-19 can negatively impact your business and would like to engage in marketing and consulting services, contact us directly or call 877-873-7445.

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