With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, businesses large and small have been feeling the impact. With over half the country ordered to stay home and businesses forced to shut down, it’s crucial – now more than ever – that your COVID-19 communication plan is clear and effective.

Internal vs. External Communication

There are various aspects to an effective COVID-19 communication plan. You’ll want to have both an internal and external communication strategy. Your internal plan should be your process of reaching employees through emails, flyers/posters, talking points, FAQs, etc. This should be a reliable area where you and your employees can directly speak to one another and ensure that feedback from both parties is heard and acted upon. 

For your external plan, this should focus on you as a business, creating specific ways to reach clients, stakeholders, media, suppliers, etc. Anyone who is involved with your business aside from your internal employees.  

The most important part of your communication plan should focus on your internal team. Employees are relying on their managers and CEOs to be honest, state the facts and be clear with expectations and future decisions – good or bad. Aside from being direct with your workers, there are many things you can do to ensure your employees feel safe and secure working for you and your business in a time such as the COVID-19 crisis. These additional areas include promoting safety steps at work, safe travel procedures, and work from home policies. 

Communication is Key

These are difficult times for businesses and their employees. Having a clear, concise and honest COVID-19 communication plan within your business is what will guarantee you the most positive outcome during and after this crisis. Ensuring the safety and satisfaction of both your internal and external teams is your top priority and will help lead you to success even in the worst of circumstances.  

Millennium Agency is taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. We believe in clear and concise messaging when it comes to PR and crisis communications. We’ve helped hundreds of corporations both large and small craft effective marketing and communications plans that can help build confidence, eliminate fear, and navigate turbulent times.  

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