By taking the time to map out how you will promote your company event, you greatly enhance your attendance rate and overall success of an event. If the event itself is well planned and runs well, you also increase your odds of having repeat attendance for future events.

Here are several ways to effectively promote your company event for the coming year:

Send out an e-blast/invitation. Develop a list of attendees that you would like to invite to each event you host. Be sure that each event is relevant to each attendee. Depending on the event, send a hard copy invitation or an e-blast to spread the word. Remember to send an e-blast follow up as a reminder for your event a few days prior.

Post to social media. Always post details of your events to social media if they are open to everyone or update followers on events you will be hosting internally or for specific groups. Posting to social media will help generate interest in your event and company. Consider using a hashtag for your event and using creative visuals.

Issue a news release. For major events geared toward the public, it is typically a good idea to send out a news release to local or national publications. Remember to include all of the pertinent information in your news release along with a designated contact to answer any questions.

Invite the press (if appropriate). If you have a newsworthy event, consider inviting certain members of the press to your event. Send out personal invites and even an incentive if you’re particularly interested in a specific publication attending. This is a great way to further build relationships with the press as well.

Follow up with a recap. Always do a recap of your event through your website, email, mailer, social media, etc. Post photos and thank you’s with details on the recap of your event. This is a good way to document events and provide some insight into your company and culture.

How do you like to promote your company’s events?

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