We all know that Facebook and Twitter are the premier names in social media. Over the past few years, however, Instagram for business has been working its way into the conversation. In addition to its popularity among teenagers and college students, Instagram has become a valuable marketing tool for businesses. The photo and video sharing platform helps companies appeal to customers’ love of visuals.

Instagram’s newest addition, Sponsored Photos and Videos, are currently only available to a small group of major brands like Macy’s and Michael Kors. There are, however, a number of other ways to get the most out of marketing on Instagram.

Here are some tips on using Instagram for business:

  1. Balance your pictures. Having an even amount of fun and business pictures is important. Business photos give viewers an opportunity to see what your business does, and also see your employees in action. Including some fun images also makes your business more relatable to the customers.
  2. Contests. Contests are one of the best ways to generate customer engagement on Instagram. A contest for customers could include writing a caption for one of your company’s photos or posting a picture of their own with an assigned hashtag. Appealing to the customers’ competitiveness is an effective way to maintain their interest.
  3. Promote your events. Instagram is a great way to raise awareness about an event your business is having. Sharing pictures creates a visual for people who are thinking about going. Using a hashtag for the event may get the message out to a broader audience.

How have you used Instagram as a marketing tool for your business?

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