Check out these ways to maximize your holidays with social media:

Promote special discounts and offers. Now is a great time to offer discounts, special offers, free shipping, promo codes, events, products, services, etc. This is a time when people are ready to shop, so give them a little encouragement to do so with you.

Spice up your page designs. Get into the holiday spirit by changing your cover and icon photos to be festive and share a personal holiday message. You can even promote holiday discounts or codes by placing them in your page designs.

Develop posts and status updates. Your posts and updated should revolve around the holidays, what your company is doing, the deals your running, company party your hosting, etc. Ask fun holiday questions like what someone’s favorite Christmas movie is or favorite holiday tradition. Engage with your audiences.

Get your employees involved. Personalize your holiday social media efforts by getting your employees involved. Include photos, employee updates, share a personal highlight or story, share recipes, gift ideas, and more. Use this time of year to connect with your audiences on a deeper level and build relationships, increase your brand loyalty among followers.

How do you get into the holiday spirit with your company’s social media?

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