The content tab of your analytics provides you with information detailing which of your pages your visitors viewed on your website. This data provides you with a page view overview, landing and exit page identification, site speed, and in-page analytics.

Here’s what you can learn about your website content:

Overview: The overview will provide you with your top pages based on page views, as well as the percentage of page views each page received in comparison to the entire website. This will give you a good indicator as to why people are visiting your site.

Landing and Exit Pages: These pages are the starting and ending point of your visitors views while on your site. If you notice a large amount of users exiting from a specific page, you may want to revisit the layout and see if there is a reason as to why.

Site Speed: This tells you how long it takes for your page to load. Having a quick load time is a positive aspect for the user experience. If you notice that there are some pages that take a long time to load, Google will provide you with suggestions on how to speed up your website.

In-Page Analytics: This is a good way to get a visual representation of your website. The feature provides you with a heat map overlay of the number of clicks on each link on a specific page. This is a great way to visually identify how users browse your website.

Do you find these content analytics useful when refining your website?

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