An effective employee onboarding program is an essential strategy for a successful business. In fact, new employees are 69% more likely to remain with a company when they are onboarded successfully. Most often, onboarding employees and integrating them into the company culture and workflow is the responsibility of human resources and managers, who are frequently busy with their own day-to-day operational responsibilities. Video training and onboarding videos can optimize employee orientation by saving time, inspiring new employees, and allowing for self-paced learning.

Video also helps reduce the cost of onboarding. By creating a library of onboarding videos, companies can eliminate the need for managers, colleagues, and human resources trainers to spend additional time repeating basic information. There are several types of onboarding videos commonly used to improve engagement and train new employees.

Corporate Biography Videos

People connect to stories, not companies. An effective corporate biography video that utilizes storytelling as a branding and marketing strategy will captivate, inspire and engage employees on an emotional level. Corporate biography onboarding videos can be narrated by the CEO or other key personnel and detail the company’s history, beliefs, culture, activities in the community, and mission.

Day-in-the-Life Videos

Day-in-the-life onboarding videos can educate new employees on roles, responsibilities and dynamics. They might feature a current employee introducing new hires to various staff within a department and performing their duties. Day-in-the-life videos can also show how different departments operate and authentically interact with each other, helping new employees to imagine themselves in each setting and feel more connected to the company.

Screencast Tutorial Videos

Successful tutorial videos break down tasks into step-by-step instructions. Screencast tutorial videos allow managers to create videos from their screens that demonstrate how to use company software or other computer programs. These onboarding videos get right to the point—without any introduction at all—because they are meant to get users started immediately, enabling them to utilize and understand the benefits of the platform quickly.

Screencast tutorial videos also allow for self-paced learning; they can be paused, repeated, and even referred back to by employees at any point.

How-to Videos for Company Policies and Procedures

How-to videos are among the most-watched category on YouTube, and are ideal for showing new employees how to perform common tasks. Simple how-to videos can demonstrate how to use the internal phone system, conduct video conference calls, schedule a meeting room, order business cards, and more.

Role-Playing Videos

Role-playing videos are ideal for teaching soft skills such as managing difficult conversations, accepting feedback, resolving disputes between colleagues, and other types of office or customer service etiquette. Role-playing videos feature short video clips of situational problems—most often using current employees as role-playing actors—to show new hires the types of interactions that will be part of their job and the ideal response to each interaction. Sometimes these videos include text, images, and even quizzes to offer viewers different options and keep them engaged.

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos give new employees more control over their learning experience. By allowing viewers to click, swipe, scroll, and type within video content, employers can create a more exciting and unique video experience. The most common interactive elements of onboarding videos are video quizzes, which help reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and confirm comprehension.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. In addition to providing an optimal platform for learning and knowledge retention, onboarding videos are motivational and create strong connections between new employees and the company. An inspiring company culture or biography video can help employees feel a part of something bigger, something that they want to continue to be a part of.

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