What Price Transparency Means for Healthcare Marketing

Hospitals and medical practices are making strides toward more consumer-focused healthcare.

New regulations and improved digital technologies have led to healthcare organizations assigning special focus to price transparency and improved patient access to information and service options.

But simply adding a chargemaster list to your website isn’t enough to attract prospective patients and build credibility. Hospitals must adopt new marketing strategies to leverage the consumer-driven healthcare initiatives and support consistent growth over time.


Download ‘What Price Transparency Means for Healthcare Marketing’ to learn more about giving consumers the tools and information they need to make better healthcare decisions for a lifetime of loyalty and trust.

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If you want to learn about how you can use the new healthcare price transparency regulations to market your hospital or medical practice, this is a great place to start.

This eBook examines how to construct a successful marketing strategy based on transparency and credibility. We explore best practices that you can implement to market your services and empower your patients to become better purchasers and more informed about their healthcare options.

Among the topics we cover:

  • Understanding why patient reviews are essential to your website and prioritized by both prospective patients and search engines.
  • Learning more about how to give consumers the information they want, like bundled pricing, personalized price quotes and price comparison tools.

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