Email remains a reliable, convenient way to send out your tech company’s latest announcements and engage with your audience. And yet, it still comes with one major issue: new subscribers only see new emails from your company, and never receive information you’d sent before they even signed up.

This issue has created a predicament for businesses. Email drip campaigns offer a solution.

What is an Email Drip Marketing Campaign?

To put it simply, email drip campaigns are sets of marketing emails sent out automatically on a schedule. Mail Chimp defines them as a series of automated emails sent to people who take specific action. For any given action, you can choose how many emails to send and the rate at which to send them. These emails can be personalized with data like contact information and specific references to an action the person took.

Drip campaigns have a few defining characteristics which makes them a powerful marketing tool. The content is usually:

  • Prewritten and automated
  • Sent on a preset schedule based on audience action
  • Mapped to important engagement points

How Does an Email Drip Marketing Campaign Work?

According to Business News Daily, email drip campaigns are simple and easy to use. First, you’ll set a trigger, such as a user abandoning their online cart or signing up for your email newsletter. Next, a prewritten email will be sent automatically to your users who take that action. Finally, you can segment your email list however you see fit and assign different triggers to different groups to make sure your email content is specifically targeted.

Some of the many types of drip campaigns include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Onboarding emails
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Subscription renewal

Why Would Your Tech Company Benefit?

According to research from email marketing software provider Emma, targeted emails produce 18x more revenue than non-targeted emails, since users are more likely to click the links in the emails. Email drip campaigns produce a 119% increase in click-through rates over regular campaigns. According to email marketing automation platform Automizy, “Email drip campaigns can help you guide your leads into your sales funnel and show them how to use your product. The key to making the ideal drip is to customize it according to your industry and business needs. This way you will be able to optimize it based on your target audience’s needs and behavior.”

Mail Chimp believes drip campaigns are so effective because they are targeted, meaning they’re based on a specific action and can be personalized. More than 90% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from companies that recognize and remember them. Tech companies must utilize these findings strategically because gaining trust from your customers is not always easy.

Email Drip Campaign Best Practices

Forbes recommends that your tech company not use every interaction with a customer to sell product. Rather, the best way for tech companies to sell anything is by showing their customers that they matter. Targeted email drip campaigns are an easy, effective way to do so.

“All of your marketing should subtly inspire trust in consumers,” said OptinMonster co-founder, Thomas Griffin. “For instance, in an email marketing message, you can remind consumers how their data is being used. These subtle reminders will help consumers trust your company with their data and demonstrate to them that your business is transparent and authentic.”

Email drip campaigns offer several other benefits to your tech company, including boosting your customer engagement, increasing product sales, promoting content, nurturing leads and increasing brand awareness. If your tech company needs help starting a drip marketing campaign, reach out today!

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