Here are ways in which you can consistently unify your brand across social media:

Messaging: Although social media is very visual, taking the time to flush out your messaging will be what leaves the greatest impression on followers. Make your messaging clear, concise, and powerful and unify it across all platforms.

Information: All of your information including company name, location, phone number, etc. should be consistent across all platforms. Remember to provide as much detail as possible.

Look and Feel: The overall look and visual appeal of your social media pages should be consistent, as well as bright and engaging. Regardless of different spacing, layout, and more, the appearance of all pages should seamlessly coincide with one another.

Graphics: Keep your images and profile pictures the same across all pages. Resize or alter images to fit the different size specs for each platform and keep images of similar nature, tone, and setting. You want followers to be able to quickly recognize that your page matches your brand and to identify you easily.

Logo: Use the same logo across all platforms, no questions asked. Use your full logo or icon when appropriate but keep them consistent. This means same color, format, tagline, etc.

Font: Utilizing the same font across all platforms helps tie everything together and maintain consistency. Choose a font that coincides with your website and other marketing materials, be sure that it is easy to read both in print and web.

How do you maintain brand consistency across social media platforms?

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