Display advertising, sometimes referred to as banner advertising, is a visual-based form of online advertising that communicates a commercial message using imagery, logos, animations, buttons, rich media, videos, or other graphics. Unlike text-based advertising, display ads are found on websites, apps, and social media platforms—not in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). They help promote businesses or brands whenever people are browsing online, watching YouTube videos, checking their email, or using mobile devices and apps.

Benefits of Display Advertising

Although display ads typically have low click-through rates (CTR)–just 0.35% across all formats and platforms—their effectiveness is not easily measured by CTR alone. When other metrics are considered, display ads boost brand awareness and intent to purchase.

So, if you’re advertising online but still not convinced to implement display advertising, here are five advantages of display ads that will make you reconsider.

1) They are eye-catching and visually appealing. Display-style ads are created with graphic content and can be designed in the style of your business or brand. With display ads, you can be as creative as possible with bright colors, large text, or even video, audio, or rich media. Other ways to stand out include using animation to draw viewers away from content and towards what you want them to see.

Display ads, like paid search or pay-per-click ads, include a headline, text, and URL. However, display ads also contain some type of graphic, video, or audio element which makes them stand out. In addition, regular SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertisements include character counts, limiting your messaging opportunity. Display ads allow for catchy messaging, plus graphics, video, and your company’s branding to stand out and attract attention.

2) They familiarize your intended audience with your brand. While search advertising influences an audience with an intent to purchase, display advertising helps create initial interest. In fact, a recent study found that brand awareness increased by 21% in campaigns that utilized digital display ads. Display ads have a high reach and are generally found on websites that potential customers frequent. For example, running a campaign using the Google Display Network (GDN), which integrates your ads into carefully chosen websites, will place your ads in front of targeted audiences across the globe.

Let’s say a customer is on a website for gardening ideas, a display ad that might appear is an advertisement for a garden center or landscaping supply shop. The customer may not have known about these stores, and may not be looking to make a purchase, but the ad would let them know about a nearby shopping option the next time they are in the market for gardening supplies.

3) They allow for remarketing opportunities. Remarketing allows your business to position targeted display ads in front of a defined audience that has previously visited your website as they browse elsewhere on the internet. Once a potential customer knows about your product or service, a well-placed display ad can remind them to make a purchase.

Remarketing is a smart way to connect with potential customers who may not have made an initial purchase or inquiry. There is a high degree of targeting flexibility and the Google Display Network also allows you to filter your targeting to show only on specific sites or exclude specific sites. You can even showcase display ads that include a brand message or a specific product that your potential customer viewed while on your website.

4) They give you the ability to track and monitor your ad engagement and the success of your campaign. The Google Display Network and Facebook Advertising offer detailed reports that include which display advertisements have the most clicks and what the value is for those clicks. In addition, the GDN has what is called a view-through window, which monitors anyone who has seen your display ad in a specific time frame and whether or not they converted into a customer or lead.

GDN’s view-through window allows you to stop guessing if your display and video ads are contributing to conversions, even when they are not clicked. Plus, the view-through window is an important tool because research has shown that an ad being seen has a greater conversion than an ad being clicked.

5) They are a less expensive advertising option. Unlike other advertising channels such as television or radio, which require large investments in production, it’s relatively inexpensive to start running display ads. With only an image and some text, you can start creating display ad campaigns that will help you drive traffic back to your website.

Display ad pricing is inexpensive as well. It’s typically calculated according to its “number of impressions,” with one impression equivalent to a single page view by an internet user. Rates can go as low as 50 cents per one thousand impressions (CPM) for highly targeted campaigns. This means that for 50 cents, your ad can be seen 1000 times.

After discovering how beneficial display advertising can be, it’s clear that this marketing strategy is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic back to your website, and ultimately, improve conversions. Millennium Agency offers a variety of display advertising options as part of our larger digital marketing services. Want to get in on the display advertising action? Contact us to plan your online media buying strategy today.

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