Here are some things to keep in mind when working to build your blog’s audience:

Be consistent. If you want to build a loyal audience, you need to learn to be consistent in all aspects of your blog. This starts with the frequency of your posts. You need to be posting consistently, every week, every day preferably. Readers are looking for new, fresh content and posting once a month won’t turn the results you’re looking for. Plus, Google really like sites publishing frequent new content.

Develop your voice. Blogs are increasingly popular which means your competition also increases drastically. What readers are looking for, besides content that is of interest to them, is writing that they can connect with and happily anticipate reading. Develop your individual voice; this will be key to setting your blog apart from all the rest. Your unique voice also works to make your blog memorable.

Think about your audience. When you’re developing blog topics or content, think about your audience. Not just the audience you have already, but the audience you want to have. What kinds of topics interest them? What kind of content do they seem to enjoy and engage in most? These are the type of things you’ll want to think about every time you sit down to write a new blog post.

Share your knowledge. Providing value and insight is what blogs are all about. Whether your blogging about cooking tips, best practices for managing money, or the latest tech trends, you need to be sharing your knowledge with your readers. This doesn’t mean you should give away all your secrets, especially if you are a business looking to cultivate new customers, but you do need to be a valuable resource for new and returning readers in order to build your audience.

Have a call-to-action. This is an important part of motivating any group to do anything. You can’t just expect that your readers will know what to do, whether it follow your blog, sign-up for your email updates, or connect with you on social media. You must direct them through a call-to-action in order to encourage them to become loyal readers. Having an incentive helps a great deal in accomplishing this.

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