Here are some ways to promote your business with video marketing:

  1. Promote a product. Use video to demonstrate a product and talk about how it will benefit the customer. Be sure to include a lot of detail about the product to avoid any confusion. Chances are, a customer would rather watch a video about a product than read a description of it. If someone has doubts about a product, seeing it in action may persuade them otherwise.
  2. Staff profiles. This is a great way to make your business seem more relatable. Doing a short video profile on each of your employees can give customers a bit of insight into how things work at your company. If customers feel a more personal connection with the company, they may be more likely to repeat business with you.
  3. Customer reviews. Everyone in business knows how important word-of-mouth can be. Use video to have some of your best customers give a testimonial about your company and its products or services. Potential customers are much more likely to trust your products if they hear positive things from someone that has already used them.

How has your company used video as a method of promotion?

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