While businesses are rapidly increasing their use of social media, blogging, and mobile applications to increase leads and retain clients, email continues to serve as a central emarketing and communications strategy. Email also proves synergistic with social and mobile emarketing tactics. By developing targeted email campaigns as part of an overall integrated digital marketing plan, business owners and marketers can generate significant qualified leads and expand client bases.

Email emarketing is as relevant in 2019 as it was 15 years ago. Here’s proof: a recent study of typical daily online activities of adult internet users ranked email as the most popular daily internet activity. Creating targeted email campaigns that communicate, inform, and sell to your customers is an ideal way to leverage the continuing popularity of email. And although search engines and social media platforms are ideal for attracting new customers, email is the most effective, budget-friendly way to maintain and strengthen existing customer relationships over time. So long as you’re messaging a list of recipients who opted in, you’re committing time well spent to an interested audience.

Produce Relevant Content

Content for email campaigns should be valuable, informative and designed to improve customer loyalty. Good email content begins with an effective subject line—to get your message opened—and continues throughout the text of the email in your distinctive, brand or business-specific voice. Email can also work with your blog to share recent posts; it can amalgamate your most interesting social media posts for an audience uninterested in being on social media directly; it can alert people to webinars, deals, and approaching offer deadlines; it can even connect to your influencer marketing campaign.

As with every marketing tactic, email campaigns should complement and enhance existing on- and offline efforts. Therefore, always include links in your email campaigns to your websites, blogs, and social media pages to drive online traffic and engage leads.

Use Segmentation to Target Specific Customers

Deliver more relevant and specific information to your email subscribers by developing separate emarketing campaigns based on set criteria such as interests, geographic location, demographics, conversion history, purchase history, and more. Segmentation offers subscribers content and offers that appeal directly to them, resulting in higher open rates, click through rates, deliverability rates, and higher conversions.

Experiment with Email Campaign Schedules

Due to the diverse nature of email campaigns, many experts believe that there is no ‘right day’ to send an emarketing campaign because there are too many factors to consider. Your company, your industry, and your customers all have unique demands and needs. Experiment with sending emails at different times of the day to discover what works best with your audience. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon deliveries often achieve higher open rates, but this can shift based on the particular market and target audience.

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