The use of video content in social media marketing is growing at an exponential rate. This exploding new medium has led to increased sales and expanded brand awareness for companies of all sizes in nearly every imaginable industry.

Studies show that 82% of consumers have been encouraged to take action after watching a business’ marketing video. The success of video marketing isn’t a secret, 63% of businesses are already using video as a marketing tool and customers are more likely to engage with a video than any other type of post on social media. Fortunately, it’s not too late for businesses to get started, even if they’ve never done video before or have struggled with video in the past. With a focused strategy, businesses can create online video content that will expose their products and services to an entirely new audience.

What is a Brand Awareness Video?

For businesses just beginning to incorporate video content into their online marketing strategies, a brand awareness video is an excellent way to effectively connect with customers and expand overall online reach.

Brand awareness videos come in many shapes and sizes, and what’s right for one company might not be right for yours, but what they all have in common is that they tell a story – your company’s story. Share how your business was able to grow from the ground up, explain the mission statement that has allowed your company to prosper, or share the personality that makes your brand unique. Creating a brand awareness video allows your business to grow its connection to your customers by giving them a snapshot of what means the most to you.

How Brand Awareness Videos Build Your Customers’ Trust

Today, a smart consumer is a cynical one. Consumers have learned to avoid marketing slogans that seem too good to be true by being slower to trust brands than they have in the past. This is important because when it comes to shopping decisions brand trust is a deciding factor for most consumers. According to a survey conducted by InMoment, 88% of consumers surveyed agreed that brand trust was “extremely important” when deciding where to shop, and 66% said that a break in brand trust was one of the biggest reasons they had stopped shopping at a retailer they previously loved.

By creating a brand awareness video your business can create the first layer of transparency between your brand and consumers. Joe Forte wrote in the article ‘5 Strategies for Building Brand Trust Through Video’ that customers, “want to know how the business originated, how it grew and what struggles it had to face. All of these things make the brand memorable and relatable.”

Sharing stories that make your brand unique through this medium can be the first step towards building an authentic relationship with your customers.

Why is a Brand Awareness Video the Right Choice?

Brand awareness videos are a great place to begin if you are looking to elevate your business’ current video strategy. There are 75 million people watching online videos every day in the U.S. alone, but those viewers don’t expect every video to compete with the next superhero blockbuster. A simple and professional brand awareness video can reach a massive audience, and help your customers see your company as more than just a name or logo. A brand awareness video is a great opportunity to let your company’s past pave the way to a brighter future.

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