Published by New England Real Estate Journal

Texting is no longer just for teenage conversations or for making meeting arrangements. It is a viable marketing strategy that has swiftly become a realtor’s best friend. The Center for REALTOR Technology’s 2010 Smartphone Survey Report found that use of the texting and SMS (short message service) feature accounted for nearly 74% of time spent on realtor smartphones.

Text message marketing is taking over the marketing game.

In addition to being one of the most budget-friendly marketing strategies, coupled with the fact that 95% of text messages are opened and read, text message marketing is highly effective. SMS users opt-in to receive texts. This creates a win-win situation wherein the prospective customer feels they are receiving a service, not an advertisement – while the realtor captures their contact information for follow-up calls and texts.

SMS services like SimpleTexting provide realtors with a keyword customers can text to your number to opt in for property listing details. If an interested prospect drives by your property and sees the keyword and phone number on your yard sign, they can text the code to receive property details, price, and realtor contact information. The SMS service then secures prospect phone numbers and preferences data to build and maintain customer databases.

Generate leads, communicate with customers instantly, and save time with text messaging.

To fully integrate SMS marketing into an existing marketing plan, SMS lead generation should be promoted across all marketing strategies – from websites, social media accounts, and signage, to marketing collaterals, direct mailers, and print, radio, and television ads. For leads generated by other strategies, inquire whether prospective clients would be willing to communicate via text message. This will increase efficiencies while also demonstrating your commitment to customer service.

When replying to listing inquiry texts, send photos and videos of the property. This delivers additional information while saving in-person property viewing time on a possibly uninterested customer. Also, remember to be succinct – texts are limited to 160 characters – and always lead with customer-focused data.

Find out how you can use SMS marketing to close more deals.

Texting has created a unique platform for personal interaction with prospects and customers. When integrated into an overall marketing campaign, texting is a smart solution for increasing leads and revenue. If you would like additional ideas on how to leverage text message marketing for your real estate business, or if you require assistance with selecting a SMS service provider, contact an integrated marketing firm.