Millennium Agency’s own CEO and Strategist, Linda Fanaras, sat down with Howard Wolpoff as a featured guest on Daily Ad Brief’s “Marketing Champions” segment. The segment features marketing experts from around the country each week. During this episode, Linda discussed her marketing background, and where she got inspiration to launch her own B2B branding, messaging, and digital strategy firm. Howard and Linda dove deep into getting to know your client and how to differentiate your brand. She then took a moment to discuss the importance of a multi-platform strategy and shared some of her best kept tips for focusing on driving sales opportunities within the B2B industry in the coming year.

Featuring on the Daily Ad Brief’s “Marketing Champions” was a great opportunity for Linda and Millennium Agency. As a result, it helped broaden our market impressions and discuss some important topics in the marketing world. Daily Ad Brief is a reputable marketing, branding, and digital strategy newsletter. They host a variety of shows and feature industry experts and educators from around the world. “Marketing Champions” is hosted by Howard Wolpoff and focuses specifically on marketing experts in the US.

Millennium Agency: “Marketing Champions”

Millennium Agency has proudly been serving the B2B manufacturing, technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for nearly 25 years. We offer a variety of branding, messaging, and digital strategy services aimed to increase brand awareness and boost lead generation. We use a multi-phase, comprehensive process to bring you deliverables and results that guide you towards your goals successfully. Millennium Agency offers social media, email marketing, website design, data analytics and more. We help businesses build strategies that are cohesive and compatible across all aspects of their brands.

Millennium Agency is always looking to take on new clients, and we would love to get to know your business. No matter what stage your brand is in, we can help you take it to the next level. Check out Linda’s full appearance on “Marketing Champions,” and then book time with her here!

About Millennium Agency

Millennium Agency is a nationally recognized, top woman led B2B branding, positioning, and digital marketing firm who knows how to create value that emotionally influences your customer’s buying decision, giving you the competitive advantage. As your trusted partner in B2B software technology and manufacturing, we provide the branding and positioning framework that make an impact – so you can focus on what you do best – run your business successfully. With offices in Boston and New Hampshire, and a worldwide presence, the professionals at Millennium Agency would like to learn more about your business.  Visit or book time here.