This year Apple introduced iOS 7, the newest and most dramatically different operating system in the iPhone’s history. After the typical rush associated with trying to update was over, users across the globe quickly divided into two parties; those who were delighted by iOS 7 and those who were disappointed.

Despite a number of users who were dissatisfied by the myriad of changes to their mobile devices, the support of iOS 7 has been overwhelming.

Here are the pros of updating to iOS 7:

User Interface – iOS 7 comes with a completely overhauled user interface. The new UI features translucent app icons and folders which adapt to the color scheme of any given home screen background. The simplistic new design gives a more modern look to any iOS device.

iTunes Radio – Apple’s new music streaming service is already said to be threatening Pandora. iTunes Radio gives listeners the ability to create stations based on a song or artist; and unlike competitors Pandora and Spotify, the buy button allows you to purchase and add a song to your music library directly from the radio station.

Control Center – The Control Center makes convenience just a swipe away. A simple swipe up from the bottom of any screen on your iPhone gives you access to often used tools like Wi-Fi, screen brightness, and music player.

The cons of iOS 7 are:

Drastic change – The abundance of changes iOS has undergone can be daunting to the casual iPhone user. The new user interface and features like the Control Center will take some time to adjust to using.

Phone issues – There have been complaints from users with older iPhones, such as the iPhone 4, that the iOS 7 update has caused the iPhone to perform slower than it previously had.

Permanence – This will be a problem for users that are not impressed by iOS 7. The update is permanent, and downgrading back to iOS 6 is not possible.

What are your first impressions of the iOS 7 update? Like it or hate it?

Images courtesy of Mashable