Here are some ways WordPress can be used other than blogging:

  • Business website. WordPress makes this process very simple for those who are not experienced in web design. Initial setup steps include choosing a theme for your website (WordPress offers thousands of free options), choosing a domain name, and creating the essential pages needed for your site. Plugins are also available to enhance your site. For example, some plugins allows you to register your site with major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • E-commerce site. WordPress offers options that allow you to sell products on your website. Certain plugins like eShop, Fat Free Cart, and eCommerce include multiple payment options, as well as automatic purchase-confirmation emails.
  • Online magazines. As the internet continues to take over print media, WordPress could give your magazine a competitive advantage. Useful plugins like Issuu and Magma can help you create and manage your own online magazine.
  • Online directories. Directories list and sort websites in a multitude of categories. With WordPress, you can use the WP Link Directory plugin to create directories for specific types of businesses, or simply make a general web directory.

Have you used WordPress for anything other than blogging? What did you use it for?

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