Increase Your Reach

With 71% of users from the millennial generation, there is a chance to increase your reach to younger generations. Take advantage of increased mobile use and utilize the power of how fast word can spread through a picture or ten-second video. GrubHub, a food delivery and takeout app, used Snapchat to help find and hire a summer intern.

Engage Your Followers

Each social media platform is different and Snapchat is no exception. Built on the idea of disappearing pictures and videos, Snapchat offers a unique way to engage with customers. For example, remind consumers about new and exciting business deals or send them a quick video showing office activities. Sending your customers a snap is a less intrusive way of reminding them about a sale or event that is currently happening.

Benefit From Storytelling

Create a story to showcase your new products or the history of your business. Taco Bell has been the leader of Snapchat marketing by utilizing Snapchat’s story feature to make announcements about new items being added to the menu or showcase their headquarters to their followers. More recently, Taco Bell used Snapchat to announce their new mobile food ordering app, which has already received thousands of downloads.

Create Fun Promotional Contests

Chat Sports, a website and app for up-to-date and breaking news on sports, took giveaway contests to a whole new level using Snapchat. If you wanted to win free tickets to a major league baseball game through the giveaway, all you had to do to be entered was get five of your friends to add Chat Sports on Snapchat. Each friend would then have to send a snap with your username and hashtag. Not only can this type of marketing tactic help build relationships with Snapchat users and increase your followers, it will also increase brand awareness for your business.

Create and Execute a Mission

Major League Baseball took on Snapchat in the spring of 2014. Throughout the baseball season, the MLB was able to give fans behind-the-scenes access to games and players. With their mission of providing fans with a personal experience, the MLB chose to show off the personalities of their players and the game. Major League Baseball saw their strategy come into the spotlight during the World Series as fans were also able to share their personal experiences through the use of Snapchat.

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