1. Share useful and valuable content

Share more than just your own company news. Become visible among your followers by posting articles or blogs about industry news and information. Share advice or educational tips that will entice your followers to want to learn more about your business and industry. TED is an organization dedicated to sharing and spreading ideas and news that are easily accessible for everyone. Check out how TED posts different ideas and content to their Twitter account.

  1. Follow and build relationships with people in your industry

Use social media to network with other businesses and influential industry leaders. With millions of different users on social media, find and follow other social media accounts that will help increase your own visibility. Respond to posts and interact with your connections and businesses you follow.

  1. Engage your followers

Be social! Social media can be used as a way to directly interact with your customers. Lay’s engaged their followers on Facebook by asking them to create a new flavor of chip and then vote for their favorite during a competition they held. During this competition, Lay’s saw their sales increase by 12%. Another helpful hint, don’t forget about hashtags to get your followers involved, as well as help make your posts more visible.

  1. Show your company’s personality

Three of the most important posts your company can have are pictures of your everyday office activities and environment, updates on projects, and news about your company. Be willing to let your followers in on the silly things that happen around the office. Giving a more personal touch to your posts will help your business connect to more people and show who your business is.

  1. Post regularly

Make your account worth following. Keep your posting to a few times a week and be consistent. In order to maintain and grow your social media presence you need to post frequently. For Oreo Cookies 100th birthday, they posted 100 ads in 100 days. During this time, Oreo saw a 1 million increase in their followers.

Which tip do you think is the most important to increasing your social media presence? Learn more about social media marketing by visiting www.mill-im.com/marketing-services/social-media.

Image courtesy of bplanet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net