Here are eight tips for a better email marketing strategy:

  1. Include social media icons: As shown by our statistic above, including social media icons in today’s connected community will benefit your click-through-rate and increase engagement.
  2. Choose the best images: Using images that are eye-catching and visually inform your customer of your email’s content are important. Select 1-2 images but do not overload your emails with photos or content.
  3. Allow customers to easily unsubscribe: Having customers unsubscribe isn’t ideal but if you don’t make it easy, it could result in bad feelings towards your business. Also, just because someone does unsubscribe, it doesn’t mean they won’t still be doing business with you.
  4. Use in text links: When writing your content, use links to direct customers to your website, product or service pages, or landing page. It is crucial that you drive customers with a call-to-action so they go beyond just opening your email.
  5. Make it responsive: We can’t seem to express this enough, make everything responsive, your emails, your website, everything. A large percentage of your customers will receive and open your emails on the mobile or tablet devices, make it easy for them with a responsive design.
  6. Write direct, brief content: Your headlines should be to-the-point and enticing for customers and your internal content should be direct and brief with a powerful call-to-action. Lengthy content will not get read and often your message will get lost in the clutter.
  7. Send yourself test emails: Just like proofing what you write or checking the resolution on images, send yourself a test email to ensure everything looks and functions the way it should.
  8. Keep a current, segmented email list: Cleaning up your email list is part of the email marketing process. Remove bad email address, be sure anyone who wants to unsubscribe is, and segment your list so you’re sending targeted emails that pertain to the right people.

Do you find these tips helpful? Learn more about email marketing etiquette today.

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