The appeal of Google Hangouts begins with its versatility and functionality as it allows users a new way to privately connect with one another one-on-one or start a large group conversation. The program is very user-friendly, easy and fast to use, as well as simple to invite others to join in. What’s most useful about Google Hangouts is how your business can use it to connect with customers in a new, easy, and fun way.

Virtual meetings

You can use Google Hangouts to host virtual meetings with varying quantities of attendees. Make online meetings fun and easy with this tool. It allows you to share documents and collaborate easily with one another while lending to that “in person” feeling without having to leave the office.


Google Hangout is an excellent tool to use for webinars or internal presentations. The screen sharing tool makes it easy to communicate with attendees and easily explain portions of your presentation to them. The document sharing tool is also useful. Google Hangout makes webinars and presentations a seamless and enjoyable process for everyone.

Customer support sessions

Instead of just a call or email response, use Google Hangouts to get face-to-face with your customers and answer their product and/or service questions and concerns. Being proactive and engaging with customers is one of the best ways to build relationships and ensure customer satisfaction.

Social media gatherings

Want to host a gathering for your social media fans and followers, think about using Google Hangouts to hold a chat session to get to know them better. Google Hangouts is also a great way to hold an event, product kick-off or demonstration, and so much more.

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