So, you think your company has a good-looking website? That’s great. The problem is appearance is only half the battle. The real question is: do your customers trust it? As digital marketing continues to become a large part of everyday life it is important to gain and maintain customers’ trust. One simple way to do this is through a website design that will increase conversion rates. Building trust through the web has the potential to increase website conversion rates. By following these seven simple steps you can help your company create an authentic web design and build trust with your customers for years to come.

Add a Contact Us Page

Always be sure to incorporate a “Contact Us” page within your website. Contact pages show your company is inviting feedback and listening to customer concerns. Being open to a dialogue with your customers is a great way to build positive relations and a 2015 B2B Web Usability report found 98% of respondents would leave a website without a contact page, diminishing the credibility you’re trying to build online. In addition, be sure to include a phone number and email address, but also a physical address for the company. A physical address gives the customer the appearance the company is tangible and tangible items increase trust as they usually appear more realistic.

Add an About Us Page

Try to include pictures and bios for the employees within your “About Us” section to add a personal connection with the customer and help build trust and loyalty. Also be sure to add each employee’s social media links in the “About Us” section. Customers can use these to build interactions with both employees and the company. It is important to be responsive with your social media accounts and interact with customers as often as possible. This gives customers the impression that you care and are listening.

Publish Papers/Reports

Increasing trust and validity can also come from publishing educational material. Companies who only use social media were found less trustworthy than those with recognized work. If your company is able to, add a link to these publications through a website and allow customers to view them for free. This helps to build trust by eliminating the privacy concerns customers face if they are required to share their personal information.

Keep Your Web Design up to Date

Your web design and content should be kept current and consistent. Keeping up with current design trends is advisable, but avoid changing the design too often as this can decrease brand recognition and negatively impact SEO. Design trends change almost every year, but when your website goes from a calm layout with a menu bar at the top to a scrolling screen with no menu bar customers may get confused. Confusion turns customers away as they do not want to spend the time to navigate your website trying to find what they are looking for.


Incorporate UX and UI

When designing a website, think about the five elements customers want to avoid: busy layouts, pop-up advertisements, small print, lack of color and slow load times. A well-designed UI circumvents common distractions and deterrents, guiding the customer through an ideal UX, which keeps them on your website and leads them to a desired end product.

Implement an Easy Navigation System

Ensure your webpage has an easy navigation system. Customers will spend very little time looking for something on a website. If you are able to guide customers through your website with ease, it will help increase your conversion rates. Utilizing both UX and UI are great ways to ensure your company’s website is easy to navigate.

Provide Social Proofs

Take advantage of social proofs such as press/customer logos, case studies, and number of subscribers, etc. to add credibility to your site. Adding success stories can build trust with customers because it invites them to become part of the story. Additionally, this is a great way to add transparency within your website, allowing the customer to see who you are and what your company is about.

By using these seven elements your website can go from a good-looking website to a user-friendly and trustworthy site all while increasing customer satisfaction. Increased customer satisfaction will lead to longer time spent on your site, leading to a better conversion rate and improved customer relations.

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