Long shadows in design mimics the way light casts shadows adding a great amount of depth and drama to design elements. The long shadow technique uses shadows at a 45-degree angle and elongates them for emphasis on a chosen design, typically used for smaller objects.

Imagine the way light dramatically casts shadows as the sun sets at the end of the day and you can visualize long shadow design. These long shadows extend far past the object, often to the surrounding frame incorporated into the design element.

As more of an enhancement to flat design, it is disputed whether or not long shadow design is revolutionary in the web world or rather a playful spinoff of the trending flat design. Many find that long shadow design is limiting because it isn’t being used for entire projects. Instead it is almost exclusively used for icons and buttons.

Check out these creative long shadow designs:


What are your thoughts on long shadows in design? Just a passing trend or is it here to stay?