Your core manufacturing brand positioning is the set of beliefs that you, as a company, stand for. It serves as the compass that guides your brand story, actions, behaviors, and decision-making process. As we’ve learned over the past year, there will be times in business when you have to make tough choices. But when you have core values that constantly remind you of what’s important to your business and to the people you’re serving, making the right decision becomes an effortless task. Your manufacturing company’s brand values serve as the foundation for the brand or manufacturing firm’s success, so it’s important you know how to develop core brand values that effectively tell your story. 

Be Clear and Focused

Aligning your manufacturing firm’s brand positioning with core brand values is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and brand values should not be chosen simply because they are trendy. Clear and focused brand values should be the roadmap for future decision making in your manufacturing firm. Choosing superficial or vague brand values will prove to be problematic when tough decisions need to be made. This is why it’s important to take time and carefully consider your brand’s values in order to establish a clear stance on issues they address. 

Developing Your Manufacturing Brand Values

Developing manufacturing brands values is important to do early on, before any issues arise. Manufacturers who appear to compromise their brand values can lose customers’ trust and loyalty. Developing brand values means that manufacturers should think about, and make a list of, what is most important to them. Next, they should decide what they will not stand for within their business and focus on brand values that are the opposite of that.

Types of Brand Values

The following are examples of the types of brand values your company may develop:

  • Core values: These are the heart of the brand and what sets it apart from other brands. 
  • Aspirational values: These are related to the manufacturing firm’s goals. These are usually developed when the company is making changes or introducing new products. 
  • Permission-to-play values: These are different from core values because every business associated with the marketing firm must agree to these values in order to do business together.  
  • Accidental values: These are based on the values of the manufacturer’s individual employees, and it’s important tomake sure these don’t conflict with the manufacturer’s core brand values. When the employees’ values do not match the manufacturer’s core values, this impacts the consistency of the brand and decreases customer loyalty. 

The manufacturing landscape is constantly evolving, making devising a long-term brand strategy incredibly difficult. Clear and focused brand values can help your manufacturing firm navigate day-to-day challenges. If you need assistance developing your manufacturing brand values, contact the marketing experts at Millennium Agency and we’ll be happy to help!

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