Here are some questions to consider when planning your blog posts:

What is relevant in my industry right now? Do some research and check out some of your favorite industry related news sites. This is an easy way to come up with topics for multiple blog posts. Put your own spin or opinion on a current topic of interest to give readers a unique perspective.

What do the readers want to know about? Have any of your readers or clients asked an interesting question lately? Addressing these questions could make for a good blog post in the future. Often times, readers have similar questions, and answering one person’s question could be helpful to others.

How should I organize my blog topics? Creating a blog calendar is one of the most efficient methods of organization. A calendar allows you to productively schedule out blogs weeks or months at a time. It also allows you to better keep track of topics so you aren’t duplicating content and you’re keeping variety of content in mind while planning.

Do you plan your blog posts ahead of time? What methods do you use?

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