Chances are you use social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, to network with colleagues and connect with friends. But are you using these platforms to their ultimate advantage? Social media marketing is a proven method to increase referrals and drive traffic to your website.


Think of each of your social media accounts like a spoke on a bicycle wheel, pushing leads to the hub – your web site. The key to expanding your fan base across networks is consistently posting valuable content with your followers’ interests in mind, rather than simply promoting your business. Think about what your followers want to see within the manufacturing and technology sector. It could be a review about the latest trends and methods related to your industry; fun facts that you have learned about the technology and manufacturing industry in your journey; or what you believe to be the future of the industry. Broadening your focus to more than you and your business will engage more followers interested in the industry as a whole.

Hone your distinctive professional reputation by linking articles about the industry found in your research; posting statistics about the local market; and making your expertise evident by sharing best practices and anecdotes. Remember to market yourself quietly and post only customer-focused information. Your audience wants to learn, so teach and entertain them.

Offering incentives is another fan-boosting technique. These can be discounts for referrals, recommendations, and reduced rates for partner vendors.

Online referrals often turn into offline purchases. Be sure to include calls to action and web links in your postings. This adds to their likelihood of being reposted by your fans, which builds your site’s exposure and increases referral potential, as the majority of social media followers recommend their favorite brands to others offline.

By demonstrating an interest in your fan base via quality content and benefits that address their needs, they will reciprocate with on- and offline leads and greater web site traffic. If you prefer to have assistance with executing a social media strategy for your business, contact an integrated marketing firm.


Linda A. Fanaras is the President and Founder of Millennium Agency ( located in Boston and Manchester, NH. She can be reached at 877-873-7445 or