Major companies are currently using and implementing mobile marketing strategies, which are defined as any promotional activity created specifically for cell and smartphones. The most common lead generator strategy employed is delivery of sophisticated text messages (also called SMS messaging) that are brand-specific and formatted based on the type of device receiving the message. For instance, some companies have the technology to send a link to a mobile-formatted web site that offers video and audio capabilities for smartphones, while sending photos and simple text details to more basic cell phones.

Mobile marketing also includes search engine marketing and display advertising tailored to handheld devices. New technologies emerging for mobile marketing include location-based service (LBS) and GPS messaging, which send geographically-specific marketing messages to smartphone users.

For business owners just beginning to integrate mobile strategies into their marketing plans, a text message marketing system should be the first step. The use of mobile IDs (or text codes) for certain products or services allows prospective customers to text the code in order to immediately receive details on your web site. This will also help you capture their phone numbers for rapid follow-up on their inquiries.

Smartphone apps are also available to make businesses more competitive. Research and use those that save you time and resources – while increasing the value and information you can pass on to your prospects and customers.

As it is a relatively new strategy, mobile marketing can be challenging to tackle alone. If you find you require assistance with jumpstarting your mobile marketing plan – or in implementing a text message marketing system – contact an integrated marketing firm.