In all honesty, you’d probably rather be watching this blog as a video right now. We’re not being modest or self-deprecating, we’re referencing data.

While outstanding blogs are an irreplaceable pillar of any marketing strategy, the data shows that in 2019, online video traffic could account for up to 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Facebook alone is generating more than 8 billion video views daily, and that doesn’t account for YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat, just to name a few social media platforms that deliver video content to their millions of users.

Take it from data nerds like us, that sort of strategy is a no brainer.

Text has much more Competition than Video

Whether it’s text messages, social media push notifications, emails filling our inboxes when we wake up, news headlines that shock us throughout the afternoon, or the ever-growing backlog of books piling on our shelves at night, each of us is swimming in a sea of copy. Even if your blogging team is staffed with the Shakespeares, Hemmingways, and Faulkners of the marketing world, it’s still best to not put all your focus into just one form of content marketing.

Video Engagement can Boost Your SEO

The fact is, effectively crafted product videos are one of the strongest supports for your blogging efforts. How so? Well, in addition to acting as a way to draw potential customers deeper into your website, online video assets are one of the most efficient ways to supercharge your Google search ranking and rise above the competition. This bump is because having an engaging video guarantees the potential client will stay on the web page for as long as it takes to watch the clip. That user-dwell factors heavily into how search engines serve your website to curious users.

The more engagement on your website, the better chance your marketing team must keep users hooked with quality blogs and written content that can keep the conversation going.

There are More Places than Ever to Promote Videos

Gone are the days when only the most well-funded advertising budgets could afford to display video content. For businesses interested in video but hesitant to commit to buying TV air time, there are so many more options in the digital age. Thanks to the power of the internet, any business can run online video ads on services like Facebook with intensely focused geographic and demographic targeting to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

In addition, the value of organic video views can’t be understated. While not every online video is likely to “go viral,” cultivating a consistent content production schedule that includes regular video blogs or tutorials is a great way to build a strong following on social media.

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