A powerful website/mobile app can mean the difference
between success and failure.

There is no doubt, you work hard to gain the lead and stand out from competitors who are on your heels. So why not put your best foot forward with an exceptional, powerful and SEO-packed website and mobile app? The Millennium Agency teams use today’s best practices and latest technology to ensure you stay relevant to the latest technology, every day.  Our team clearly recognizes that your visitors want to know who you are, what you do and how to get the information they need – fast. The good news is, we do that for you with our exceptional web design and scoping process. Your website will have the impact you need in the markets you serve. What more can you ask for?

Website Design & Development

Millennium is a WordPress – we live it, breathe it and embrace it – every day in every way. Designing and developing a successful website is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing web strategy and using best practices will ensure you capture inbound marketing traffic. We can analyze website behavior and map a pathway for development to ensure your company’s website design aligns precisely with your goals.

Millennium’s website services include a systematic process using best practices in your industry. 

eCommerce Website Design

A well-designed and thought-out eCommerce website can make the shopping experience a breeze. From searching for a product to updating and saving your shopping cart, to saving favorites to buy later, you can showcase an amazing, engaging eCommerce website that keeps your customers coming back to buy more. We help you navigate the best eCommerce software platform, payment methods and security systems to ensure a smooth and successful website launch.

The right eCommerce website design can drive new customer sales and keep them coming back.

UI/UX User Interface Design

Millennium puts experience design (UX/UI) where it should be, at the top of the list in our web and app development priorities. Through careful planning, research, and testing, our web team makes sure that your customers know what to do when they get to your website on any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile. By making it easy for your customers to work with you, you can open your channel for inbound leads and increasingly up your conversion rates.

UI/UX design plays a critical role in how happy people are when they’re using your website or mobile app.

CRM Integration

Do you want to capture more leads, how about a CRM solution that provides you with a stream of leads that can be tracked, nurtured and converted to sales, in a seamless way? Our team works with many of the CRM platforms, from Marketo, HubSpot to SharpSpring and can help you with integration and building workflows that match up with your sales cycle. Sound good to you?

HubSpot integration can help you track potential prospects who really have an interest in buying your products or services.

Hosting Services

Dependable hosting services make the difference between a potential customer and a frustrated one, that’s why we offer top-notch website hosting services that ensure security, reliability and technical excellence. Every year, we compare the best website hosting services to ensure your website is safe, secure and is updated on a frequent basis. Our goal? To ensure you’re happy.

Website hosting ensures your website is always up and running.

Mobile Apps

It’s a big win when customers rely on your mobile app. With more people making purchases and buying decisions from their mobile device, an engaging, easy to use mobile app is a must-have. But most importantly, you need to make sure it’s fun to use and easy. We know it’s a heavy lift – but you can lean on the Millennium team to make your app dev process easy.

It’s a big win when customers become reliant on your mobile applications.

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