Our digital marketing strategies
show audiences the value of your brand.

Bigger audience = more sales opportunities. With the right digital media intelligence, your message can reach prospects and customers across markets and around the world. You decide. Whether you want to use the Google or Bing networks to build awareness, engage and convert, we can help you build a digital marketing strategy that integrates the right online media mix for your key audience.

Digital Advertising

Our Google and Bing partnership ensure that we have access to extensive market research and digital marketing data, so we can run your campaigns with precision. Google tests us on what we know, and how well our digital campaigns perform. No pressure! This gives us and our clients special attention and support from a Google AdWords team and enables us to manage your online display, [PPC] pay-per-click, video advertising, and retargeting campaigns to be highly effective.

With pay-per-click advertising, online display, retargeting and video advertising, people who need you will be able to find you.

Paid Social

Whether the people who would buy your services or products are on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other social platforms, you can reach them with boosted posts through social media advertising. By creating engagement and a dynamic conversation online, supporting it with social advertising, your social presence can increase lead generation and awareness and, ultimately, more conversions to new business.

Social media advertising provides more options for reaching your customers than ever before.


Millennium can help you make critical decisions that make or break your email marketing strategy. We work with you to discover what messages work for your audience, how frequently you should be reaching out, and at what point to make your ask. Millennium also uses proven tools for email distribution and tracking, so you’ll know who engages with your emails, what they do, and how to adjust to make your campaigns better and better.

Email marketing is a powerful way to increase your reach and inform your audience of your new products and services, and remind them to visit your website.

Paid Search &

Millennium has demonstrated expertise in the campaigns we run across platforms and industries. From technology, and manufacturing to CPG, Millennium’s digital campaigns deliver superior results – above average click click-through, high view-through conversions, and maximum impressions. We take pride in the results we get  – sad to say, we’ve even had clients pause our campaigns because they were performing too well, and they were too busy. Oh, the irony of it all.

Millennium is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means that our digital team meets rigorous standards.


With Google’s YouTube TrueView and video advertising campaigns, there is an advertising strategy for your budget and reach. Our team is skilled at developing compelling corporate, testimonial and television commercials that engage your audience and get them interested. Let’s agree, when you put marketing dollars behind something that works, you will successfully communicate your message quickly and efficiently for the best results.

We use the Google platform for your video advertising campaigns allowing Millennium to track, measure and improve your video campaigns every step of the way.


There are countless people looking for your services or products, and they rely on top influencers to make decisions on what to buy and when. Influencer campaigns can fill your sales funnel with qualified leads by enlisting in campaigns that are relevant to your potential customers. Let’s face it. Influencers are specialists in their niches. They have influence over your audience and can be helpful marketing to those buyers.

Influencer campaigns are the key to separating you from others in your industry. Let us recommend an influencer campaign for your consumer products.

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