Paid search and retargeting
help people who need you, find you.

Bring people to your site and help them remember you after you leave with paid search and retargeting. With the right strategy, these advertising tools can create a big bump in your sales funnel.


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Years ago, businesses were listed in the phone book – that large yellow door stop.

The way that search engines index websites changes all the time, and staying on top of these changes is a full time job. Fortunately, we can help. People are looking for your services or products, and they rely on the web to help them find you. Paid search can help fill your sales funnel with qualified leads, getting you more search hits, and getting people to come back to your  website. Retargeting is the art of keeping your brand top-of-mind for clients or customers.  Retargeting allows you to display your ads to these engaged customers as they continue to roam the web. Helpful retargeting reminders can make the difference between buying from you or the next guy.

Millennium is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means that our digital team meets rigorous standards.

Our Google AdWords partnership ensures that we have access to extensive data, so we can run your campaigns with accuracy. Google tests us on what we know, and how well our digital campaigns perform. No pressure! This certification gives us and our clients special attention and support from a dedicated Google AdWords team, and enables us manage your online display, paid search, and retargeting campaigns to be highly effective.

Millennium has demonstrated expertise in the campaigns we run across platforms and industries. From energy to healthcare and manufacturing, Millennium’s paid search advertising campaigns have delivered superior results – above average click through rates, high view-through conversations, and maximum impressions within budgets. We take pride in the results we get for clients – sad to say, we’ve even had clients shut down our campaigns because they were performing too well and they were too busy. Oh, the irony.


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