KPI monitoring
is a data analytics function.

A key performance indicators (KPI) measures how effectively you are achieving a business objectives. Data integrations are essential to KPI monitoring.


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KPI monitoring is only effective when it inspires action.

Often, businesses wonder why their KPIs aren’t working. The answer is usually twofold. One, they haven’t implemented effective KPI monitoring. Two, they aren’t using their KPI measurements to make changes that improve their business. Clear and relevant information is the foundation for good business outcomes, but data is only effective if it’s acted upon. If you’re ready to develop a strategy for formulating and monitoring KPIs, make sure you are thinking in specifics. A good KPI is to increase sales by 10% next year, because it is measurable. A poor KPI is to sell improve out sales process, because it is not measurable. To take it a step further, SMART KPIs are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. By creating KPIs that meet these requirements, your monitoring and implementation process will be more effective.

Millennium understands that KPIs can be easier said than done.

Our team assists you in effectively defining and communicating your KPIs to staff, stakeholders, and other internal audiences. It’s important to explain what your business is workign to achieve and why. Answering questions and creating transparency is important in developing trust with your audiences. Once KPIs have been defined and implemented, KPI monitoring is critical. Millennium will help you review your KPIs on a monthly or quarterly basis. In order to make your KPIs actionable, Millennium will help you review your business objectives, analyze your current performance, set realistic targets, and review your progress. If your ready to put KPIs into action, contact the Millennium team.

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