Trade show booth
designs have a major impact on event success.

While there is plenty of noise online, there are also (typically) hundreds of exhibitors at every trade show. Stand out from the crowd with an attention-grabbing trade show booth design.


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Trade show booth design is important, period.

Whether you have a dynamic sales team or not, the booth you send with them to their next trade show will have a huge impact on whether or not prospects stop by. The booth doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it doesn’t have to be flashy. But it does need to be clean, professional, and attention-grabbing. There are various ways to achieve this including bold messages, imagery, and color schemes. But trade show goers beware, the worst thing you can do is over-complicate your message. If figuring out what you do from your booth is harder than solving the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle, you’ve lost your chance to capture your audience.

In order to gauge how effective your trade show booth design is, consider how long it will take the average person to walk past it. 3 seconds? 5 seconds? That is the amount of time you will have to pique their interest enough that they will stop and take the time to see and hear what you have to offer.

The top 2 things that make a booth enticing:

  1. Message – What your booth says is more more important than you think. If your booth design is simply a huge image of your logo, but no one at the conference is familiar with what you do, you’ve lost a substantial opportunity to get their attention.
  2. Design – The look of your brand is a strong reflection of how a prospect expects to feel if they worked with your company. For example, a clean, professional, powerful trade show booth implies that working with you will be simple, effective, and yield great results.

For these reasons and more, your booth design is the best way to stand out at an event.


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