Sales and marketing collateral
can drive lead generation and revenue.

Creative sales and marketing collateral adds value, even when a salesperson isn’t there to explain it. Help prospects remember your services – and your brand – with strong collateral.


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Having a rich assortment of media available as sales tools is critical to business.

In marketing and sales, it’s important to leave a lasting impression. Product datasheets, whitepapers, eBooks, presentations, landing pages, and brochures are all important formats for sales and marketing collateral. While the format of sales materials has evolved, the purpose has stayed the same. Sales materials are intended to be used later in the sales cycle than advertising, and be used to give additional information to prospective customers to help influence their buying decision.

When evaluating the effectiveness of your collateral, you should consider if it is clear, concise, and visually appealing. Often, your collateral will live on after your phone conversation, meeting, or email correspondence has ended. It’s important that your sales and marketing collateral can stand on its own and inspire readers to take action. If your materials require further explanation, it’s time to reevaluate.

Why do you need collateral?

Your marketing materials represent your business, communicate your values, connect your brand to your audience, build word-of-mouth marketing, and establish thought leadership. Most importantly, they help generate leads and sales. In addition, marketing collateral helps to communicate standard information that potential clients need. This information is not always easy for the listener to retain, so having a hard copy is advantageous.

Finally, sales and marketing collateral provides a reference for your sales team, a ‘conversation starter,’ and a branding tool. A prospect may not remember every service you offer or product you sell, but with the right collateral, they’ll have a resource at their fingertips.


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