Social listening and management allows you to manage the online conversation around your brand. We all know that your brand is what people say behind your back, or think about when you are not there. The best social media strategies include listening to your audience and responding accordingly. Social monitoring is how we help you do the listening.



Social monitoring requires insight and the right tools for success.

Social monitoring can be done manually by logging into all the major social platforms and observing what people are saying about you, your competitors, and the marketing in general. You can save time and money with tools like Hootesuite, TweetReach, or IFTTT. If your strategy is too much to manage on top of your already demanding workload, an experienced marketing firm can provide tools along with the knowledge on how to use them. It is important to partner with a firm that has these tools in place and is experienced in utilizing them effectively with proven results.

We use social monitoring to help you listen and respond to your audience.

At Millennium, we use tools to promote and optimize content and monitor results for ongoing improvments. While paid social advertising and organic social media are excellent ways to drive leads and sales, listening is necessary for monitoring and responding to your audience. By being an engaged member of your online audience, you create a more authentic representation of your brand. In addition, you are able to identify and respond to changes in competitors’ strategies in a timely way. By tracking your online environment and providing you with recommendations on an ongoing basis, Millennium helps boost your online presence and position you ahead of your competitors. In addition, reporting and metrics support all our recommendations, making it an easier sell to upper management.



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