Real-time reporting is a must-have in today’s high tech, quickly evolving world. In the days of old, there was plenty of time to prepare and present data to your company’s decision-makers. Today, data can change in minutes. Real time reporting is the best way to have a clear picture of your business.



Real time reporting is designed to process data as quickly as it is received.

There are many appealing features in real time reporting. Modules allow you to customize and combine elements including tables, charts and more. Customizable exports deliver data in excel, CSV, PDF, and other formats. Chart styles create visual trends in a variety of formats. Once you have determined what data you need to see, the opportunities to have that data at your fingertips in endless.

At Millennium, we track your data in real time.

Tracking is as important as the campaigns themselves. We provide the ability to access data and track results 24/7. From content marketing and paid social advertising to SEO and paid search, our reporting gives you the data snapshot your need to inform business decisions on the spot. In addition, it provides the tools to measure the results of your marketing spend and justify budget increases.



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