Here are a few ways for your business to use Pinterest during the holidays:

  1. Gift guides. This is a great way to draw interest. Everyone has a hard time thinking of gift ideas at some point, so customers will really appreciate some suggestions. The key is to break these guides up into categories to make them easier to navigate. The best way to split things up is to create boards based on who people are shopping for. For example, boards with gift ideas for husband, wife, mom, etc.
  2. Let customers pin from your website. Making Pinterest accessible right from your site gives people the ability to share your products with a much broader audience. This can help drive more traffic to your website. Include a “Pin it” button to make this an easier process for customers.
  3. Make boards with trending topics. Some of the more popular topics on Pinterest, decorating and baking, are even more popular during the holidays. Capitalize on this by creating boards dedicated to Christmas recipes and home decorations. Using popular keywords in these posts makes it more likely that they will be seen.

How do you use Pinterest for your holiday marketing strategy?

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