It is vitally important to produce email campaigns featuring links to web sites, blogs, and social media pages to complement business marketing strategies. These campaigns are a critical piece of a successful web site matrix. Think of your business web site as the hub of the system. Your email marketing campaigns promote content you create for your customers and prospects, and they drive traffic to the hub. If you are not currently using this strategy to promote your business, it’s time to add email marketing to the mix.

Your blog is also a source of unique content that showcases your knowledge – and by posting links to it on your email campaigns, advertisements, and using blog sites – your web site will receive more hits. In addition, branded social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube demonstrate your expertise and develop inbound traffic.

Everything else that connects and enriches the information on the hub will be content driven by external web sites. Examples include web sites that provide reviews of businesses and owners in your industry and sites that share your press releases and blog posts.

Using this organized and consistent approach to web site development will ensure that your site is content-rich and always up-to-date. Not only does it encourage you to blog about current trends and design fresh email campaigns, but it also demonstrates your connectivity to the industry-at-large and to your target market.

By making your web site the hub of information about local news, industry developments, tips for customers, insights and commentary, your site will achieve high search engine rankings and online referrals that lead to increased traffic, leads, and sales. To learn more about developing a web site matrix for your business, contact an integrated marketing firm.