In 2022, consumers seek an experience that is customizable, appealing, and most of all easily accessible. Voice search not only makes technology more accessible to those with disabilities, but also makes the lives of everyday tech users easier. Between laptops, smartphones, tablets, and virtual assistants, voice search is used regularly by over 135 million people in the United States alone. The rise in popularity of voice search can be somewhat credited to the introduction of virtual assistants by tech companies such as Apple’s Siri®, Google’s Google Assistant®, and Amazon’s Alexa®, and their integration into smartphones and smart speakers. Consumers are using voice search to aid their search and browsing habits, and adapting your tech firm’s marketing strategy to integrate voice search marketing tactics is a surefire way to stay ahead of the competition.  

Voice Search Marketing 

Voice search has taken the marketing world by storm, with 71% of consumers preferring voice search as opposed to typing their query out, which means tech companies are not only tasked with engineering the technology behind the tool, but they must also integrate voice search into their marketing strategies. Voice search can be integrated into your tech firm’s marketing strategy in multiple ways, including launching advertisements and marketing campaigns that are voice search compatible, providing quick customer service via voice interactions, and even altering your SEO strategy to cater to voice searches. 

 Advertising to Voice Search Users 

When consumers are conducting voice searches, their queries are often longer winded, and more detailed than if they were to type. The benefit of this is that you can learn more about your consumer’s needs than you were able to with traditional typed searches. With nearly one-third of U.S. consumers owning at least one smart speaker and over half of those owners using the devices daily – not accounting for smart phones or other devices – your tech company can advertise and market to your audience quickly and in a way that engages them and leaves them curious enough to inquire more.  

Conducting advertisements that are voice search compatible is a great way for your tech company to show off your products’ accessibility and compatibility with smart devices. According to Adobe, 38% of consumers who use voice search feel that the voice ads they hear are less intrusive and more engaging than alternative advertisements such as print, TV, or social media. By incorporating voice ads into your tech firm’s voice search marketing strategy, you are going to reach consumers in a more productive way that is more likely to grab their attention and make them curious enough to inquire more. Additionally, you can include interactive features into your voice ad, such as prompts to request specifics about certain technology you offer, product features, and more information about your services. This leaves a call to action for the listener to embrace their curiosity and quickly learn more at their request, without having to do more than utter a few words – even more efficient than at the click of a button. 

Refresh Your SEO Practices 

Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to improve the frequency and quality of the traffic your website, or certain web pages, receives from search engines. With the rising popularity of voice search, you must rethink your SEO practices to accommodate the style and preferences of the inquiries that are made using technology. For your tech firm, this means providing more detailed key words and incorporating local SEO to accommodate longer searches that are more likely to be location specific and therefore vary amongst voice search consumers.  

Although traditional SEO focuses on securing a place on the first page of search engine results for your relevant content, voice search users only receive the top result – or top 3 results at most. This means that your keywords and SEO strategy need to be competitive enough to show up as the top result to all wordings of the question or request it addresses. When constructing your voice search marketing strategy, it is crucial for your tech company to be able to identify and execute a consistent, clear SEO strategy that is refined by analyzing the behavior of voice search using consumers as their needs – and search habits – evolve. Because users tend to ask more detailed or complete questions in their voice searches, you can gain more information and insight into their specific needs and who they are – with sophisticated voice assistant technology being able to gather whether users are male/female, approximate age, and more. All of the information or data you gain from both initial consumer voice searches and their interactions with voice ads or content can then be used to modify and strengthen your tech company’s voice search marketing efforts. 

Streamline Customer Service 

Voice search is an excellent tool for tech companies to optimize their website analytics and traffic, and it can also revolutionize your customer service abilities. Voice search allows users to ask essentially anything, and provides them with the most accurate answer that can be retrieved from the web. Incorporating voice search into your technology products can help with set-up and maintenance, and incorporating voice search into your customer service strategy can improve brand perception and customer loyalty. Likewise, integrating voice search technology into your company’s website and digital platforms allows for a cohesive customer service method that is consistent throughout your brand. 

Focusing on customer service and engagement in your voice search marketing strategy shows your customers that you are accessible and helpful, and able to assist them with customer service requests seamlessly. Tech companies have the advantage of building voice search into their products, which means that customers can access help and other tools at their command, without having to use a secondary device to get the information they need. With the majority of the current consumer market preferring to conduct their searches via voice search, marketing your technology as having audio search and voice assistant features built-in makes your company more innovative and desirable than tech firms who lack voice search marketing and strategies.   

 Voice search is the future of consumer queries and content engagement when it comes to the technology industry. Tech firms not only focus on engineering the technology that makes voice search possible but must also consider how to successfully incorporate voice search marketing into their current strategies. The integration of voice search automatically makes your business more accessible to those with disabilities or impairments, also revolutionizes the way in which all consumers interact with your company all that it has to offer – content, advertising, customer service, etc. Tech companies can benefit immensely when it comes to a successful voice search marketing strategy, which can be done by taking the time to refresh your advertising and SEO campaigns, while also rethinking how your firm does customer service.  

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