What are negative keywords? They’re the keywords you don’t want to be used to pull up your ad in online searches. These negative keywords are most often irrelevant to your ads and sometimes even your company’s products and/or services. Additionally, if your ads are showing up in irrelevant searches not only are they not reaching the right people but they may be taking away from your PPC budget.

After you do your research to identify the most effective keywords for your campaign, you should then identify negative keywords. Think about what users may be searching for that would potentially pull up your ad and be irrelevant to their search needs. Google AdWords Keyword Planner can help you with this.

Negative Keywords

Here’s an example of a negative keyword instance, if you own a dog training business in New Hampshire you may use the keyword “dog training NH”. However, you don’t want someone looking for a career in dog training in New Hampshire to come across your ad if they’ve searched “dog training NH careers”.

This means you would add “careers” to the negative keywords for your campaign to avoid your ad showing up in these unrelated searches. Making use of negative keywords will allow you to more effectively target customers and utilize your budget.

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